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More than a decade ago it was quite clear that the science was unarguable: air pollution was killing and injuring millions and the planet was warming at an alarming rate because of many of those same chemicals. I set out to solve a mystery: why were governments, especially that of the United States, allowing this to happen?

The pursuit of an answer to that question has led down a long, twisting and dark road, but at last the explanation became clear. It not only explains why America has failed to respond to the myriad threats posed by air pollution and other environmental contamination, but also why so many other ills afflict our nation: why the world’s richest nation has no universal health insurance; why pension and health benefits of people who retired decades ago have been slashed; why electricity and fuel prices have soared; and why the world is in the grips of a massive global economic and financial crisis.

The fault, as many of you would expect, lies with America’s political system, which has undergone revolutionary but little understood changes in the past generation, leaving our government effectively under the control of a small group of self-interested people. Because this is the website of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, it would be inappropriate to provide the complete details here. However, you can by clicking on this link,, be delivered to another website, that of my new book, Saving Ourselves.

As the predicate for Saving Ourselves, I have collected the information contained in the Health & Clean Air Newsletters, dis-aggregated it by subject and rewritten much of it so that is hopefully more accessible to non-technical readers. In addition, I have supplemented this with information on the wide range of cost effective technologies and measures that could rapidly and substantially reduce emissions of air pollutants. These are not technologies or measures that require additional investment in research and development or further demonstration. They are solutions that are not only available today but, in many cases, have been for two or more decades. This information forms Parts I and II of Saving Ourselves and is posted here at the Health & Clean Air website.

Some of you will question why, if such solutions are readily available, they have not been deployed. That is the question that I began asking myself many years ago, and the answers can be found in Parts III and IV of Saving Ourselves.

With Regards,

Curtis A. Moore
Editor and Publisher
Health & Clean Air Newsletter

Saving Ourselves is divided as follows:

Part I: The Science of Global Warming and Needless Death and Illness.

Part II: The Technologies and Other Measures That Could Save Us.








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