We are achieving powerful change for life on Earth.

We are an environmental charity with a unique approach. We work in partnership across borders, systems and sectors, using the law to fight climate change, tackle pollution, defend wildlife and protect people and planet.

We believe the law is the most powerful tool we have in the fight to protect life on earth. We have proved its impact to tackle global challenges and we are changing the face of global environmental action. In 2017, we were named the ‘UK’s most effective environmental organisation’ by the Environmental Funders Network.

How we use the law

We use the law to bring about end-to-end systemic change: informing, implementing and enforcing the law, advising decision makers on policy and training legal and judicial professionals.

City Escalator
ClientEarth is at the forefront of changing the way the planet's resources are governed. They have a positive and pragmatic approach to environmental issues. Coldplay are proud to support them.
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