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Each year air pollution claims upwards of 50,000 lives in the United States alone, but this and other information too often fails to make its way out of the pages of scientific journals and into the hands and minds of ordinary citizens to whom it is vitally important. The Health and Clean Air Newsletter is our attempt to make this information available to readers ranging from the heads of parent teacher associations to reporters, without sacrificing accuracy.

Read the newsletter online, or download it in PDF format. Or, if you've received the printed version, you can review the References section, which contains the citations and abstracts which were not included in the printed version.

This newsletter is made possible by assistance from the California Air Resources Board, which we deeply appreciate. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions, which can be mailed to 1100 Eleventh Street, Suite 311, Sacramento, CA 95814 or emailed to us via the addresses provided on our Contact page.

The Editors


Oct. 21, 2008: Saving Ourselves, new book by Curtis Moore.

Aug. 25, 2006: New Spanish workbook from Curtis Moore for those who deal with the Spanish-language press or others who are interested: "Salud y Aire Limpio" now available in our Resources section.


Jan. 3, 2006: New article from Dr. David V. Bates on "Ozone — Forty Two Years Later" now available in our Resources section.


A Citizen’s Guide to Air Pollution outlines the effects of air pollution.

Air pollution affects all of us and the quality of our lives. Despite the profound connection – and indeed the utter reliance – we all have to the air around us, as a society we are astonishingly ignorant about the importance of air quality.

In this authoritative book published by the David Suzuki Foundation, renowned air pollution experts Dr. David Bates and Dr. Robert Caton present effective measures for societies to reduce air pollution. They explain that problems will persist until politicians, policy makers and communities understand the issue. And they argue that sound judgment can only be made within the context of an informed citizenry, which is one of the reasons they have assembled this collection of intelligent essays.

A Citizen’s Guide to Air Pollution is not a light read, but it is an important one for educators, policy makers and concerned citizens.

Written and edited by the Newsletter's co-editor, Dr. David Bates, and others, this comprehensive, authoritative and insightful book is now available for a modest price from the David Suzuki Foundation,, phone (604) 732-4228.


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